Zinger in the Woods

by m.t.becker

Review by Carole Mertz

Lessons Learned from a Doggie Adventure

I loved Zinger in the Woods for the way it helps children understand the concept of trust. Nestled into this lesson (written for tweens or a younger age group) is an adventure in which one dog rescues another and then finds a new home for himself. Quite a number of delightful surprises present themselves in the language m.t. becker used: “their hooves are harder than jawbreakers,” “it was a pawtastic time,” “her eyes were like shiny gold coins,” and the use of scientific terms (for rabbits and squirrels). 

A few other concepts the book teaches, some overtly, some subtly, include the use of traction, the effects of gravity, and the purposes of natural remedies. After her rescue, Ginger really wants to play with Zen, but she turns homeward knowing her family is looking for her, an example of deferred gratification.

Kids reading this book witness a child’s concern for her pet, parental consolation, the idea of being on a mission, the meaning of such terms as “ordeal,” and “mesmerized.”

A few elements not fully explained include: why is Zinger used in the title? and where did Zen get the rope for the rescue he performs? But let’s not concern ourselves with such minor things in doggie-land, as defined by Mark and Tie Becker. (Note—m.t. becker represents a husband-wife team.) 

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By Carole Mertz

I am a graduate of Oberlin College and the author of Color and Line, a full-length collection of ekphrastic and other poetry. (Kelsay Books, 2021). In 2019 Prolific Press published my chapbook Toward a Peeping Sunrise. I am Book Review Editor at Dreamers Creative Writing. My essays, poems, and reviews are published in literary journals in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Africa, and India.


  1. Carole thanks for the well thought out review!. The title is a play on words. Zinger In The Woods stands for Zen and Ginger in the woods. Also, Zen’s tug toy was the rope he used to recuse Ginger.

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